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Reliable Lightweight Magnetic Contact Indoor

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Magnetic switch is an electrical switch that makes or breaks contact in the presence of a magnetic field. Applications include situations where it is not desirable or possible for moving elements to make direct contact with the switch, such as in explosive environments, submerged in liquids, and where repetitive contact with a mechanical switch would result in undesired wear. Generally, the switch remains actuated as long as a sufficiently strong magnetic field is present, and opens when the field is removed.

magnetic contact-22

Basically, a magnetic contactor works on the same principle as a relay, connecting and disconnecting electricity. The actuators are similar, this device uses a coil, which when an electrified coil creates a magnetic field.

This magnetic field can control the contacts that exist in magnetic contactors. What makes magnetic contactors different from relays is, magnetic contactors have main contacts, namely contacts that may be made specifically to control a motor phase.

When an electric current flows to the magnetic field coil located in the center leg of the coil core. This will create a magnetic field in which the magnetic field forces overcome the spring force to cause the steel core to move down in this state (ON).


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