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High Fidelity Black Electret Condenser Microphone For Concerts

  • EM6022P


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Electret condenser microphones are the most commonly used condenser microphones, like other microphones, used to convert weak sound vibrations into tiny pulsating electrical signals.

Electret Condenser Microphone

The EM-6022P/EM-6022 electret capacitors produced by FBELE company are usually used in Microphone For Concerts, High Fidelity Electrical Condenser Microphone.Because it has the characteristics of small size, simple structure, good electro-acoustic performance, and high cost-effectiveness.

The composition and structure of the entire product can be seen from the following figure:

Electret Condenser Microphone-2

This design is very exquisite, reducing volume and weight without losing any of its functions.

The performance of an electret condenser microphone is mainly determined by the following technical parameters:

Sensitivity: Measures the degree of response of a microphone to sound input, usually expressed as the voltage change (V/Pa) caused by the sound pressure level per Pascal (Pa). The higher the sensitivity, the more sensitive the microphone is to sound.

Frequency response: Refers to the output response of a microphone at different frequencies. Generally expressed in the frequency range (Hz), a wider frequency range means that the microphone can capture a wider range of audio signals.

Signal to noise ratio: represents the ratio of useful signal to noise in the output signal of a microphone. High signal-to-noise ratio means that microphones can provide clearer and purer sound.

Maximum sound pressure level: refers to the maximum sound pressure level that a microphone can withstand. Exceeding this level may cause distortion or damage to the microphone.

Power supply voltage: Electret capacitor microphones require external power supply voltage, usually 2-10 volts (V). A suitable power supply voltage can ensure the normal operation of the microphone and provide stable performance.


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