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High Sensitivity Black Magnetic Contact Door

  • FBMC31


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Normally open and normally closed switches are commonly used in circuits to control the switching value of electrical appliances. Among them, when no external force is applied to the normally open switch, the switch is in a conductive state and current can pass smoothly; On the other hand, a normally closed switch is the opposite. When no external force is applied, the switch is in the disconnected state and the circuit is disconnected. The application scenarios of the two are different and need to be selected based on actual needs.

magnetic contact

Testing tools and principles:

A multimeter is a tool used to test the connectivity of a circuit, usually consisting of a probe, a head, and a dial. When testing the normally open and normally closed condition of the door magnetic switch, the resistance testing function of the multimeter can be used to make judgments. When the door magnetic switch is turned on, the probe contacts both ends of the switch, and the meter head can display the connected status of the circuit; When the door magnetic switch is disconnected, the meter indicates that the circuit is not working.


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