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Durable Spherical Mechanical Buzzer Home Appliances

  • FBMMB2915


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As is well known, buzzers are divided into many types. Today we will learn about mechanical buzzers.

Mechanical buzzer, also known as electrical buzzer or electrical beeper, is usually a type of electromechanical component. Mechanical buzzers, like conventional buzzers, also have multiple voltage brakes. There are usually 1.5V, 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 24V, and some other special voltages used. What's different is that the mechanical buzzer can also use AC voltage braking.

Mechanical Buzzer

Taking FBMMB2915 produced by the well-known brand FBELE as an example. This buzzer is different from other similar products in terms of design and has excellent craftsmanship and texture. And unlike other large buzzers in installation, it achieves panel mount installation like SMD buzzers. At present, this buzzer has been widely used in various electronic devices, such as automobiles, fire alarms, security monitoring, and other fields. Among them, the mechanical buzzer in the car can remind the driver to pay attention to some emergency situations, such as high speed, engine failure, etc; The buzzer in the fire alarm can quickly make a sound when a fire occurs, playing a role in reminding people to escape in a timely manner.


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