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Compatible Durable Magnetic Contact For Tampering Detection

  • FBMC55ZL


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With the continuous progress of the times, people have put forward higher requirements for the safety of their environment, especially in terms of home safety. They have to constantly pay attention to those uninvited guests. Nowadays, many residential areas have installed only alarm systems, greatly improving the safety of the community and effectively ensuring the personal and property safety of residents. FBELE will introduce you to a simple structure, low cost, and high stability alarm - magnetic contact.

The basic principle of the door magnetic alarm is to use a magnet as the starting signal. When the magnet and the alarm are close, the alarm does not sound, while when the magnet and the alarm are moved away, the alarm will emit a loud alarm sound. Install the alarm host on a fixed door frame, and install components with magnets on a moving door. When the door is closed, the magnets are combined with the alarm host and do not alarm. However, when someone enters, the door must be opened. At this time, the rotation of the door drives the magnetic components on the door, causing the alarm host to separate from the magnets, and the alarm emits a loud alarm sound.


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