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12x12x3 square passive SMD buzzer

  • SMT1230


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Model No


Rated Voltage (Vp-p)


Operating Voltage (Vp-p)


Rated Current (mA)


Capacitance 100Hz 1V (pF)


Sound Output 10cm (dB)


Resonant Frequency (Hz)


Operating Temperature (℃)


Storage Temperature (℃)


Weight (g)


SMD buzzer, a compact and lightweight electromagnetic surface mount device that is perfect for various applications. With its small size and easy placement, this buzzer is designed for convenience. It can also be packaged on a reel for easy transportation.

SMT buzzer reel packing

One of the standout features of our SMD buzzer is its ability to operate at a low voltage while still delivering a high sound pressure level. Even at just 1.5V, it can reach an impressive 85db. Additionally, the electromagnetic nature of this buzzer allows for a wide frequency range, making it suitable for a variety of uses.

SMD buzzer application

The versatility of our SMD buzzer makes it an ideal choice for small electronic devices such as MP4 players, Bluetooth devices, reverse parking sensors, medical equipment, toy drones with recording capabilities, car DVD players, and water dispenser control boards.

Choose FBELE SMD buzzer for its professional quality, reliable performance, and broad range of applications.

Production technology

If you are a distributor of electronic components or need SMD buzzer to meet your project, then FBELE will be your first choice to manufacture your acoustic components.

FBELE Brand is one of the leading SMD buzzer suppliers and all of our SMD buzzer can meet ROHS and REACH, high quality,competitive price.

FBELE is one stop solution for SMD buzzer for your project.FBELE can provide OEM and ODM service.whether you are Distributor of SMD buzzer or you are manufacturer of electronic products.

Please donot hesitate to contact us immediately for your Inquiry!!


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