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Efficient Bluetooth Micro Speaker As Anti-theft Alarm

  • FBPSB1504


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Model No.


Rated Impedance(ohm)


Rated (Max.) Power(W)


Resonant Frequency(Hz)


Frequency Range(Hz)



88±3 at 1k,1.6k,2k,3.2kHz, 0.1m0.5W

Buzzer &Rattles

Must be normal at sine wave 2Vrms

Frame Material


Operating Temperature(℃)


Storage Temperature(℃)




15*4 SMD Micro Speaker: A Square Surface Mount Speaker by FBELE, a Professional Manufacturer with Affordable Prices and High Quality


In today's fast-paced technological world, the demand for compact and high-quality audio solutions is on the rise. With advancements in electronic devices, the need for smaller and more efficient speakers has become crucial. FBELE, a renowned manufacturer, has introduced the 15*4 SMD Micro Speaker, a square surface mount speaker that offers exceptional sound quality at an affordable price.

Compact Design:

The 15*4 SMD Micro Speaker is designed to fit seamlessly into modern electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearable gadgets. Its square shape and surface mount technology make it easy to integrate into compact circuit boards without compromising on audio performance. This compact design ensures that the speaker occupies minimal space while delivering impressive sound output.

Superior Sound Quality:

FBELE understands the importance of delivering excellent audio quality, even in small packages. The 15*4 SMD Micro Speaker is engineered to produce clear and crisp sound, making it ideal for various applications. Whether it's for multimedia devices, gaming consoles, or portable audio devices, this micro speaker guarantees an immersive audio experience.

Reliable Performance:

FBELE takes pride in manufacturing high-quality products that meet industry standards. The 15*4 SMD Micro Speaker is no exception. With its durable construction and reliable performance, this speaker is built to last. It can withstand demanding conditions, ensuring longevity and consistent audio output. FBELE's commitment to quality ensures that customers receive a product they can rely on.

Cost-Effective Solution:

One of the standout features of the 15*4 SMD Micro Speaker is its affordability. FBELE understands the importance of providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. By offering competitive prices, FBELE makes it possible for manufacturers and designers to incorporate high-quality audio components into their products without exceeding their budget.

Customization Options:

FBELE recognizes that different applications may require specific audio specifications. To cater to these diverse needs, FBELE offers customization options for the 15*4 SMD Micro Speaker. Customers can choose from a range of impedance, frequency response, and power handling options to suit their unique requirements. This flexibility allows manufacturers to optimize the audio performance of their devices.


The 15*4 SMD Micro Speaker by FBELE is a square surface mount speaker that offers exceptional audio quality in a compact design. With its reliable performance, affordability, and customization options, this micro speaker is the perfect choice for manufacturers and designers looking to enhance the audio experience of their electronic devices. FBELE's commitment to quality ensures that customers receive a reliable product that meets their specific needs. Embrace the future of audio technology with the 15*4 SMD Micro Speaker from FBELE.


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Established in 1997, FBELE has been one of the best electronic components manufacturer and distributor in China, Our electronic components have been applied to various fields.

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