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Irregular Annular Piezoelectric Discs Gauging



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How to judge the quality of piezoelectric ceramics

Piezoelectric ceramics are materials that utilize the piezoelectric effect to generate charges. It is widely used in mechanical and electrical control, such as motors, sensors, controllers, and piezoelectric transducers. Therefore, it is very important to judge the quality of piezoelectric ceramics, and the following are some judgment methods

piezo disk


1. Observation of appearance: Good piezoelectric ceramics usually have a uniform surface, free from cracks, burrs, and damage. At the same time, the color should also be uniform without significant color difference.

2. Weight measurement dimensions: Good piezoelectric ceramics should have accurate dimensions and shapes, especially when used in conjunction with other components, their dimensions should comply with standards.

3. Measurement of electrical properties: Good piezoelectric ceramics should have stable electrical properties, including capacitance, voltage, and resistance. Special testing instruments can be used to measure these performance parameters to determine their quality.

4. Test the piezoelectric performance of children: Good piezoelectric ceramics should have a higher piezoelectric coefficient and lower losses. A piezoelectric tester can be used to measure its piezoelectric performance.

5. Trial: In practical use, piezoelectric ceramics can be tested to determine whether they have stable performance and durability. During the trial process, attention should be paid to observing its working state and performance parameters to ensure its quality.

In summary, the evaluation of the quality of piezoelectric ceramics requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as their appearance, size, electrical properties, piezoelectric properties, and actual usage. Only through comprehensive inspection and trial can we determine whether its quality meets the requirements.


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