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Optical Fast Response Time Ultrasonic Sensor For Flow Measurement

  • FBULS1612A


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When other types of sensors are insufficient, ultrasonic sensors can usually be operated by using high-frequency sound waves to detect the position and distance of objects. Their work is like the echolocation of bats or dolphins, where these sensors emit sound waves (which humans cannot hear) and then detect when the sound waves rebound after hitting an object.

ultrasonic sensor

Taking FBULS1612A from Fbele Company as an example, it can not only be used for detecting liquid levels, detecting transparent objects and materials, controlling tension, and measuring distance, but also for packaging, bottle making, material handling, coal inspection equipment transportation, plastic processing, and the automotive industry. It can also be used for process monitoring to improve product quality, detect defects, determine presence, and other aspects.

ultrasonic sensor-2

FBELE's improvements have made them more precise and affordable, reducing size while improving usability. With these improvements, they will become effective flow measurement technologies, especially for utility companies. The benefits for water, gas, and heat meters are obvious. For example, manufacturers can replace the original mechanical flow meter with ultrasonic sensors. The remarkable advantage of ultrasonic sensors lies in their high accuracy and the absence of any mechanical moving parts. Even so, manufacturers must also understand the pipeline design and installation location of sensors in order to fully enjoy the benefits of technology.


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