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Advanced Mini Piezo Buzzer For Electronic Scoreboards

  • FBPB3015WE


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1、 General requirements for buzzer voltage

Buzzer is a common electronic component commonly used in situations such as alarm and reminder. Generally speaking, the voltage of the buzzer is between 6-12V, but the specific requirements depend on different types of buzzers. Therefore, before using the buzzer, it is necessary to determine its applicable voltage range to avoid damage caused by high or low voltage.

piezo buzzer

2、 Applicable voltage range and usage precautions for different types of buzzers

1. Active buzzer

Active buzzer refers to a buzzer with an oscillating circuit that can emit sound without the need for an external circuit. This type of buzzer generally requires a DC power supply to drive, with a voltage range of around 3-24V, but specific requirements vary for different models. When using, pay attention to the polarity and do not reverse it, otherwise it may burn out easily.

2. Passive buzzer

Passive buzzer refers to a buzzer that requires an external drive circuit to produce sound. This type of buzzer can use AC and DC voltage, and the voltage range is generally around 1.5-12V. When using, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct wiring. Reverse connection may burn out the buzzer or driver circuit.

3. piezo buzzer

piezo buzzer is a type of buzzer with simple structure, small volume, and fast instantaneous response. This type of buzzer usually only requires a voltage of 1-3V to work, but it cannot be connected in the wrong direction, otherwise it will cause the buzzer to vibrate in the wrong direction and cannot produce sound.


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