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Stable High Frequency Loud Speaker For Meeting

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Loud speakers are typically used in conjunction with mid range and low range speakers to provide a complete sound system. In car audio, the Mylar speaker is usually used to replace the tweeter speaker in the original car audio to improve sound quality and music enjoyment.

It should be noted that the Loud speaker is a high pitched speaker characterized by bright tone and clear high pitched sound, but may sacrifice some bass performance. Therefore, in car audio systems, the Mylar horn typically needs to be used in conjunction with mid range and low range speakers to provide complete audio performance.

The Mylar horn has the following characteristics:

High frequency response: Mylar speakers typically have a high frequency response and can cover a frequency range of 20 to 20000 Hz. This makes them suitable for various types of music, including pop, classical, and jazz.

Bright sound: The sound of a Loud speaker is usually very bright, with clear treble and excellent detail performance. This makes them very suitable for use in car audio systems to improve the sound effect inside the car.

Paper diaphragm or neodymium magnet drive: Mylar speakers typically use paper diaphragm or neodymium magnet drive to improve high pitched performance. Paper diaphragm usually has higher treble performance, while neodymium magnet drive can provide higher power and stronger bass.

loud speaker-1

Miniaturization: With the development of automotive audio technology, more and more loud speakers have become smaller and can better adapt to the narrow space inside the car.

The loud horn has multiple applications, and the following are some common ones:

Car audio: The microphone is usually used as a tweeter in car audio systems. They can significantly improve the sound effect in the car, making the music clearer, brighter, and more detailed.

Home audio: Mylar speakers can also be used in home audio systems to improve sound quality and music enjoyment. They can be used for bookshelf speakers, standalone speakers, surround sound systems, and more.

Music performance: The Myra horn is also widely used in music performances to improve the stage sound effect. They can be used in venues such as concerts, theaters, etc.

Recording studio: The Myra speaker is also commonly used in recording studios to improve recording performance. They can be used in specialized recording studios, music studios, etc.


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