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Reliable Surface Mounted Magnetic Contact In Parking Systems

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Door magnetic switch is a new type of electric door magnetic switch, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, and easy installation. It can be controlled by a remote control or manually operated. Its working principle is to use the induced current generated by a magnetic field to close and close the door magnetic switch through the conduction and disconnection of the switch contacts. The connection and disconnection of switch contacts are achieved through the induced current generated by the electromagnetic coil.

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The door magnetic switch mainly consists of three parts: the door magnetic coil, the door magnetic switch controller, and the door magnetic switch driver. The gate magnetic coil is a magnetic component that converts a magnetic field into an electrical signal, thereby controlling the switching frequency of the gate magnetic switch. The door magnetic switch controller is a powerful electronic device that can set different switching frequencies as needed to achieve different control of the door magnetic switch. In practical applications, there are two commonly used gate magnetic switch controllers: one is a gate magnetic switch controlled by a microcontroller, and the other is an analog gate magnetic switch.


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