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Thin Flat Mylar Speaker Televisions

  • FBS4050


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When it comes to Mylar Speakers, FBELE Products goes above and beyond to meet our customer’s strict requirements. Our Mylar Speaker solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can provide various mounting configurations and performance alterations to fit any industrial application. Our years of experience and vast capabilities allow us to provide you with a unique audio solution.

FBELE’s Mylar speakers produce excellent sound output (dB) at specified frequency ranges. The unique characteristics of a Mylar cone allow us to keep tight tolerances during the manufacturing process. Additionally, Mylar is easily and consistently moldable, creating a cost-effective solution, time after time. It’s beneficial in applications that are exposed to excessive moisture or humidity since Mylar has a high resistance to environmental factors, especially useful in highly humid locations.  It is also suited for equipment alarms where repeated tones require durability. Its Alnico V, HE+ magnet helps deliver high levels of clear communication.

If your incumbent Mylar speaker goes End-of-Life (EOL), let us know! We can help with our Continuous Source Manufacturing services


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Established in 1997, FBELE has been one of the best electronic components manufacturer and distributor in China, Our electronic components have been applied to various fields.

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