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Reliable Rectangular Mechanical Buzzer Alarms

  • FBMMB2319


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Mechanical buzzer is a common sound emitting device, mainly composed of vibrating plates, springs, magnetic iron cores, screws, etc. The vibration plate is usually made of metal plates with a thickness of 0.02~0.08mm, which is the source of mechanical buzzers, and the spring is an important component for controlling the vibration frequency and amplitude of the vibration plate.

Mechanical Buzzer

Where is the mechanical buzzer used for:

Mechanical buzzers are widely used in various electronic devices, such as automobiles, fire alarms, security monitoring, and other fields. Among them, the mechanical buzzer in the car can remind the driver to pay attention to some emergency situations, such as high speed, engine failure, etc; The buzzer in the fire alarm can quickly make a sound when a fire occurs, playing a role in reminding people to escape in a timely manner.

FBELE uses advanced machine equipment for welding! Mechanical buzzer lead testing and repair! Mechanical buzzer pin testing and repair! Mechanical Buzzer Black Shell Mechanical Buzzer White Shell Mechanical Buzzer 2315 Product Specification: Diameter 23, Height 15, Width 17, Box 100 * 15, Box 1500, Outer Box Volume: Length 53, Width 32, Height 43


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