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Long Lifespan Mini Magnetic Contact Indoor

  • FBMC58B


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The door magnetic sensor is mainly composed of two parts: a switch and a magnet. The switch part is connected by a magnetic spring switch through a lead wire and packaged in a fixed shape; The magnet part is encapsulated in a plastic or alloy shell by a magnet with corresponding magnetic field strength. When the two are separated or close to a certain distance, it causes the switch to open, thereby sensing changes in the position of the object.

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FBELE's product advantages

Aluminum alloy material: The door magnetic switch is made of aluminum alloy metal material, which is stable and safe to use. The connecting wire adopts 22 # wire, with a total length of 270mm. Suitable for use on walls, wooden door frames, and cabinet doors;

High adsorption magnetism: The door magnetic switch adopts a sealing design, with a sealed magnet, which has high adsorption magnetism and is more stable in use;

Wide applicability: The door magnetic switch is fully sealed, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for installation in various environments, not easily damaged, and has a long service life. Equipped with installation screws, easy to install, suitable for use with wooden frames, walls, and cabinet doors.


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