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Optical Accurate Ultrasonic Sensor For Flow Measurement

  • FBULS1007SMD


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Due to the development of sensor technology, chip mounted ultrasonic sensors have gradually been widely used in industrial production, accelerating the development of industry. Ultrasonic sensors are mainly developed based on the characteristics of ultrasound. The ultrasonic wave is sent to the object through a transmitter, and the reflected wave is received by the receiver to detect the presence of the object and the distance from the object. Calculate the distance between the sensor and the object by comparing the time and speed of sound required from ultrasonic transmission to reception. In addition, some machines detect the presence or absence of objects by detecting the attenuation or interruption of ultrasonic waves generated by objects passing between the transmitter and receiver.

In addition, electronic products are currently miniaturized, so designing ultrasonic sensors for SMT can make the product smaller and facilitate automated production. Using automatic SMT machines to produce products can improve product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, SMT ultrasonic sensors are the future direction.

Application: It can detect the condition of containers. When an ultrasonic sensor is installed on the top of a plastic melt tank or plastic particle chamber and emits sound waves into the container, it can be used to analyze the condition of the container, such as full, empty, or half full; It can be used to detect transparent objects, liquids, any rough, smooth, light dense materials, and irregular objects. But it is not suitable for outdoor, extremely hot environment or pressure tank and foam objects.

ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensors can be applied in food processing plants to achieve closed-loop control systems for plastic packaging inspection. Combined with new technologies, it can be detected in humid environments such as bottle washing machines, noisy environments, and environments with extreme temperature changes. It can be used to detect liquid levels, detect transparent objects and materials, control tension, and measure distance, mainly for packaging, bottle making, material handling, coal inspection equipment transportation, plastic processing, and the automotive industry. Ultrasonic sensors can also be used for process monitoring to improve product quality, detect defects, determine presence, and other aspects.


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