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Low Power In-ear Piezo Buzzer For Warning Systems

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There are actually three commodity forms of piezoelectric buzzers, namely piezoelectric buzzer complexes, piezoelectric buzzer sounders, and piezoelectric buzzers, to adapt to different needs in the market. Regardless of its form, its use cannot be separated from three types: alarm, judgment, and notification. The piezoelectric buzzer used for alarm is used for fire, smoke concentration, air leakage, anti-theft, and automotive alarms. The piezoelectric buzzer used for notification is more advantageous than light indication in fish detectors, instruments, medical equipment, vending machines, washing machines, electric furnaces, etc. In addition, the piezoelectric buzzer with analog and composite sound can also be used for toys, video games, and other aspects.

The piezoelectric buzzer can be driven by a driving circuit, and there are two methods as follows:

Self excited oscillation is the way in which sound waves are generated by oscillations at resonance points;

He excited oscillation is the way in which sound waves are generated at frequencies far from the resonance point.

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