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Low Power Lightweight Magnetic Transducer For Indoor Parking

  • FBMT9040


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Model No.


Rated Voltage(Vo-p)


Operating Voltage(Vo-p)


Max.Rated Current(mA)


Coil Resistance(ohm)


Sound Output(dB)


Resonant Frequency(Hz)


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature




Low Power Lightweight Magnetic Transducer For Indoor Parking

In recent years, the demand for efficient and reliable parking systems has grown significantly. As more and more vehicles hit the roads, the need for innovative solutions to manage parking spaces has become crucial. One such solution is the low power lightweight magnetic transducer for indoor parking.

The magnetic transducer is a passive device that offers several advantages, including energy efficiency, simple production process, and excellent sound characteristics. These transducers can produce powerful sound with low frequency and stable tone, making them highly reliable for indoor parking applications.

FBELE, a leading manufacturer in the industry, produces high-quality electromagnetic passive buzzers that are specifically designed for indoor parking systems. These buzzers are compact and lightweight, allowing for easy installation in various parking environments.

One of the key advantages of FBELE's magnetic transducers is their low power consumption. With the increasing focus on energy efficiency, these buzzers provide an ideal solution for parking systems that aim to reduce energy usage. By utilizing magnetic fields, these transducers require minimal power to produce sound, resulting in significant energy savings.

The production process of FBELE's magnetic transducers is also simple and cost-effective. The use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures the durability and reliability of these devices. Additionally, FBELE's expertise in the field allows for customization options, enabling the buzzers to be tailored to specific requirements of indoor parking systems.

Furthermore, the sound characteristics of FBELE's magnetic transducers are exceptional. These buzzers can produce loud and clear sounds, ensuring that they can be heard even in noisy parking environments. The low-frequency sound and stable tone make them highly effective in alerting drivers and pedestrians about parking-related information, such as vehicle detection or space availability.

The high reliability of FBELE's magnetic transducers is another significant advantage. These devices are designed to withstand harsh indoor parking conditions, including temperature variations, humidity, and vibrations. Their robust construction ensures long-term performance with minimal maintenance requirements, making them an ideal choice for demanding parking applications.

In conclusion, the low power lightweight magnetic transducer offered by FBELE is a reliable and efficient solution for indoor parking systems. With their energy-saving capabilities, simple production process, and excellent sound characteristics, these buzzers provide an effective means of communication in parking environments. FBELE's commitment to quality and customization options further enhances the suitability of these transducers for various indoor parking applications. By incorporating these innovative devices into parking systems, operators can improve efficiency, enhance safety, and provide a seamless parking experience for drivers.


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