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Long Lifespan Mini Magnetic Contact Window

  • FBMC36KF


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Magnetic contact are used to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, etc. have been illegally opened or moved. It consists of two parts: a wireless transmitter and a magnetic block.

magnetic contact-2

The magnetic proximity switches commonly used in the market for weak current detection (such as FBMC36KF produced by FBELE company) are usually based on the working principle of reed tubes and are not connected to the power supply. Ordinary weak current switches are connected to a power supply below 36 volts, with a load of no more than 10W and a current of no more than 0.5A. It is not recommended to directly connect the load, only for signal collection. If a load needs to be connected, a relay should be added for use.

When using a dry spring switch in a sensitive environment, a magnet is usually used to activate the dry spring switch. A clear understanding of this interaction is crucial to ensure the normal operation of the sensor. Sensors may be applied in normally open mode, normally closed mode, or hold mode.

In the normally open mode, when a magnet approaches the dry spring switch (or vice versa), the dry spring will close, and after removing the magnet, the dry spring will reopen. In the normally closed mode, when a magnet approaches the magnetic spring switch, the dry spring will open. After removing the magnet, the dry spring will close again. In the hold mode, the dry reed may be in two states: normally open or normally closed. When a magnet approaches the dry reed, the dry reed will change its shape. If the initial shape was open, it will now close. When the magnet is removed, the dry reed will still remain closed. At this point, the dry reed will only open when the magnet with changed magnetic polarity approaches again. After the magnet is removed, the dry reed will still remain open. At this point, when the magnetic pole of the magnet is reversed and close to the reed tube, the switch will close again, but it will still remain closed after the magnet is removed. In this case, one is a hold mode sensor or a bistable sensor.


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