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Durable Metal Micro Speaker For Cars

  • FBMR1206


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With tablets and smartphones, consumers can listen to streaming services, music applications, and podcasts anytime, anywhere. With the trend of smaller and more fashionable appearance, how can I ensure that my portable device continues to provide consumers with the louder and richer sound they need? A micro speaker is a type of small-sized speaker mainly used for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Its size and weight make it an ideal choice for these devices. Despite their small size, micro speakers can still provide acceptable sound quality and volume. The micro speaker is not significantly different from traditional speakers in terms of composition, mainly consisting of a basin frame, magnetic steel, pole plates, sound film, sound coil, etc., but has more advantages in size.

In the composition unit of micro speakers, the diaphragm is one of the most important components that affect sound quality. At the same time, from the study of the influence of many factors of the diaphragm on sound quality, the influence of the diaphragm on the characteristics of the speaker unit can be roughly divided into two major factors: first, shape factor, including aperture, depth of the diaphragm, reinforcement rib, busbar shape, diameter of the middle hole, material thickness, etc; The second is the material factor, which includes various parameters such as material characteristics, processing technology, processing technology, manufacturing methods, additives, etc. The above two factors affect the resonant frequency, withstand power, frequency response width, frequency response curve trend, and smoothness of the speaker.

FBELE is committed to researching micro speakers that are ultra-thin, lightweight, and occupy little space, while improving product quality and providing better services for your mobile devices.


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