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Foot Switch Flexible Exit Button For Safety Control

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Push to exit buttons are commonly found in public places like hospitals, office buildings, and apartment complexes. They provide a quick and easy way for people to exit a building in an emergency. Exit buttons are usually placed near doors and exits, and pushing the button will cause the door to open. In some cases, the push to exit button may also activate an alarm that will notify people of an emergency.

Exit Button

In some buildings, an exit button can also be used to turn off lights or security systems. This can be helpful in a power outage or other emergencies. Exit buttons are a simple but essential safety feature that can help keep people safe in a crisis.

If there is no exit button, you would have to use another method to open the door in an emergency. This could include pulling on the door handle, pushing against the door, or using a key to unlock the door. These methods may take longer and be more complex than simply pushing a button. In an emergency, every second counts. Push to exit buttons provide a quick and easy way to exit a building, which can help save lives. FBELE's exit button provides protection for your safety. FBELE’s push-to-exit button is also weatherproof so that it can be used indoors or outdoors. You can use images in a time of chaos and stress, a exit button can give you peace of mind when a fire or active shooter-type situation can arise in any business or on campus.

They are easy to find and usually placed next to an exit sign or by the doors themselves. Push to exit button can save time and prevent people from getting hurt in an emergency.


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