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Fast Response Spiral Automotive Piezo Ring

  • FBPZT50205


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FBELE's piezo rings are generally used as components of ultrasonic transducers. Ultrasound technology is a widely used non-destructive testing technology, based on acoustic theory and continuously applied in the fields of electronics, communication, medicine, biology, and physics. In modern detection technology, transducers developed using ultrasonic technology are receiving increasing attention due to their high sensitivity and accuracy.

piezo ring

The commonly used transducers in the detection process include piezoelectric transducers, magnetostrictive transducers, electromagnetic acoustic transducers, and laser transducers. The most commonly used is a piezoelectric transducer, whose core component is a piezoelectric chip. Piezoelectric chips can undergo deformation under pressure, leading to polarization of the chip itself and the appearance of positive and negative bound charges on the surface of the chip. This effect is known as the positive piezoelectric effect. Moreover, the piezoelectric effect is reversible, meaning that deformation occurs when a voltage is applied to the chip. During the detection process, the reverse piezoelectric effect of the ultrasonic probe can be used to generate ultrasound, and the positive piezoelectric effect can be used to receive ultrasound.

Piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducers have long entered people's research field, with convenient fabrication, strong controllability, high sensitivity, and good electromechanical coupling. Transducers developed based on piezoelectric ceramics include power ultrasonic transducers and detection ultrasonic transducers.


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