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Durable Metal Micro Speaker For Smart Home

  • FBMR3040


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Micro speakers mainly consist of a basin frame, magnetic steel, pole plates, sound film, sound coil, front cover, wiring board, damping cloth, etc. 1. The magnetic circuit system of the speaker forms a circular magnetic gap, which is filled with a uniform magnetic field (the magnitude and direction of magnetic induction are the same everywhere).

2. The vibration system of the speaker consists of a wire wound into a circular sound coil and a diaphragm connected to it.

3. After the voice coil is fed into the signal voltage, a current is generated, and the voice coil cuts the magnetic lines of force, generating a force that drives the diaphragm to move up and down together. The diaphragm drives the air to produce corresponding sound.

4. The entire process involves the conversion of electricity, force, and sound.


Shape Classification Editing Broadcast

According to the quantity of magnetic steel, it can be divided into single magnet and double magnet.

According to the position of the magnetic steel, it is divided into internal magnetic and external magnetic.


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