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Low-pitched Pyramid-shaped Piezo Siren Emergency

  • FBSS-70H


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An anti-theft alarm is an electronic device that generates alarm functions through physical methods or electronic technology. It mainly consists of a anti-theft alarm host and anti-theft alarm accessories. Usually, during use, intrusion behavior occurring within the security monitoring area is detected by anti-theft alarm accessories, or activated by accessories to generate an alarm signal. The alarm signal is then transmitted to the alarm host, which sends an alarm prompt.

The piezo alarm or piezo siren prompts for anti-theft alarms are generally divided into two types: one is when the on-site alarm sounds, and the other is when the alarm information is conveyed to the designated person or system platform through network or communication methods.

piezo siren

The anti-theft alarm system is an important facility for preventing unexpected events such as robbery and theft. Once an emergency occurs, the location of the incident can be accurately displayed in the security control center through sound and light alarm signals, facilitating rapid emergency measures. The anti-theft alarm system, together with the entrance and exit control system, closed circuit television monitoring system, visitor intercom system, and electronic patrol system, constitutes a security and prevention system.

The anti-theft alarm system usually consists of three parts: a detector (also known as an alarm), a transmission channel, and an alarm controller.

Alarm detectors are devices composed of sensors and signal processing, used to detect intruder intrusion behavior. They are composed of electronic and mechanical components and are key components of anti-theft alarm systems, and sensors are the core components of alarm detectors. Sensor components with different principles can form alarm detection devices of different types, purposes, and achieve different detection purposes.


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