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Long Battery Life High Frequency Loud Speaker For Concerts

  • FBS118A


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The characteristics of paper cone loud speakers and their impact on sound quality

1. It has the advantages of combining rigidity and flexibility, high internal damping, and easy mixing with other materials. The sound performance is natural and thick, and the bass is full. The disadvantage is poor moisture resistance (due to the particularity of cars, car horns require dust, moisture, and high temperature resistance, so even car paper cone horns may not have poor moisture resistance, but it is precisely because of this that car horns are more expensive).

loud speaker

2. Loud speaker, this is the oldest material.

Simply put, the pulp suspension is fed into a pre designed basin shaped mesh mold, and the pulp is deposited onto it. The pulp, which has been deposited to an appropriate thickness, is then taken out and dried for subsequent processing, forming a paper basin diaphragm. The composition of the pulp, such as the type and length of fibers, and the composition of fillers, as well as the production process and post-processing methods of paper making (such as air drying or hot pressing), will affect the characteristics of the final product and directly affect the sound emission characteristics. Generally speaking, the sound characteristics of a paper basin are smooth, natural, and clear. Due to the interweaving of countless fibers, the energy transmitted within it can be quickly absorbed, forming good damping. Therefore, the basin splitting resonance caused in the high-frequency region of the sound frequency domain is not obvious, and the cutoff band of the roll off is also very smooth. This can be said to be a good feature because it allows for the use of a very simple frequency divider without the need for additional tailoring, and the integration of the system is also very healthy. In addition, the rigidity of the paper basin is quite good, and it performs well in terms of instantaneous response and listening details. Furthermore, if designed and manufactured properly, paper cone speakers can be made very lightweight, over 15% lighter than the lightest plastic diaphragm. Although paper is still slightly heavier than the latest high-tech synthetic fiber materials, the difference is not significant, resulting in high sound production efficiency.


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