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Portable Lightweight Radio Transmitters Electret Condenser Microphone

  • EM6050P


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A capacitive microphone is a type of microphone that utilizes changes in electrical capacity to cause acoustoelectric conversion. It is a variable capacitor with a small spacing composed of a vibrating diaphragm and fixed electrodes. When the diaphragm vibrates under the action of sound waves, the distance between the vibrating diaphragm and the fixed electrode changes, causing a change in capacitance. If there is a load resistor and a DC polarization voltage at both ends of the capacitor, alternating audio voltage will be generated at both ends of the load resistor when the electrical capacity changes with sound waves. The output impedance of a capacitive microphone is capacitive, as the capacitance is small, but at low frequencies, the capacitive impedance will be large. To ensure low frequency sensitivity, an impedance converter with an input impedance greater than or equal to the output impedance of the microphone should be connected to it. After impedance transformation, it should be connected to the amplifier using a transmission line. This impedance converter generally uses field-effect transistors. Capacitive microphones have high sensitivity, high output power, simple structure, and good sound quality, but they are not very convenient to use a power source. Therefore, they are often used in theaters and demanding language and music broadcasting occasions.


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