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Compatible Durable Magnetic Contact Window

  • FBMC38C


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Precautions for use and installation of door/window magnetic switches

1) The usage load of all doors/magnetic switches shall not exceed the calibrated value. Otherwise, the switch may be burned out, resulting in product reimbursement or other consequences.

2) Door/window magnetic switches are generally installed at the top of the door/window where they are not easily accessible. The magnetic part is installed on a moving door or window, and the switch part is installed on a fixed door/window frame (FBMC38C). But the bottom mounted roller shutter door magnetic (FBMC-55) switch part is best buried underground, and the magnetic part is installed at the lower edge of the movable roller shutter door, which can be equipped with a bracket to adjust the starting sensing distance.

magnetic contact

3) The door/window magnetic switch is divided into surface mount and embedded concealed mount. Surface mount fixed with screws or double-sided adhesive (However, it is strongly recommended to use spare screws to strengthen and secure the double-sided adhesive when installing it. Otherwise, high or low temperatures and humidity can affect the lifespan of the double-sided adhesive and cause the product to fall off. The characteristic is that it is relatively easy to install, but the door/window magnet is easily damaged when exposed. Embedded concealed installation requires drilling holes according to the maximum diameter of the door/window magnet body, and the bottom card should be tightly attached to the surface, which is relatively difficult to install.), But its appearance is not easily damaged.


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