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Low Power Small Passive Buzzer In Digital Watches

  • FBPT1407


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Model No.


Rated Voltage

5Vp-p Square Wave

Max.Allowable Voltage

30Vp-p Square Wave

Max.Rated Current

2mA at 4.0Khz/5Vp-p Square Wave

Min.Sound Pressure Level

85dB at 2.0Khz/5Vp-p Square Wave/10cm

Resonant Frequency


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature




Low Power Small Passive Buzzer In Digital Watches: An Overview of the FBPT1407 Buzzer for Household Appliances

Digital watches have become an integral part of our lives, providing us with accurate timekeeping and a range of additional features. One crucial component that enhances the functionality of these watches is the low power small passive buzzer. In this article, we will explore the FBPT1407 buzzer, specifically designed for household appliances, and its significance in digital watches.

The FBPT1407 buzzer is a small, passive electronic component that produces sound when an electric signal is applied to it. It is widely used in a variety of household appliances, including digital watches, due to its low power consumption and compact size. This buzzer operates on the principle of piezoelectricity, where a voltage applied to the crystal inside the buzzer causes it to vibrate and produce sound waves.

Advantages of the FBPT1407 Buzzer

1. Low Power Consumption: One of the key advantages of the FBPT1407 buzzer is its low power consumption. This makes it an ideal choice for digital watches, where energy efficiency is crucial to ensure long battery life.

2. Compact Size: The compact size of the FBPT1407 buzzer allows for easy integration into the design of digital watches. Its small footprint ensures that it does not add unnecessary bulk to the watch, maintaining a sleek and comfortable user experience.

3. High Sound Quality: Despite its small size, the FBPT1407 buzzer delivers high-quality sound output. This ensures that the alarm, notification, or other audible features of the digital watch are clear and easily audible to the wearer.

Application in Digital Watches

Digital watches rely on the FBPT1407 buzzer for a range of functions that enhance user experience. Some key applications include:

1. Alarm Function: The FBPT1407 buzzer is responsible for producing the audible alarm sound in digital watches. Its low power consumption ensures that the alarm function does not drain the battery excessively, while its high sound quality ensures that the alarm is loud and noticeable.

2. Notification Alerts: Digital watches often provide notification alerts for various events such as incoming calls, messages, or reminders. The FBPT1407 buzzer enables these watches to produce distinct and recognizable sounds for each type of notification, enhancing user convenience.

3. Timer and Stopwatch Functions: The FBPT1407 buzzer also plays a crucial role in timer and stopwatch functions in digital watches. It provides audible feedback to the user when a set time has elapsed or when the stopwatch reaches a specific time, allowing for precise time tracking.

In conclusion, the FBPT1407 buzzer is a low power small passive component that significantly contributes to the functionality of digital watches. Its low power consumption, compact size, and high sound quality make it an ideal choice for integrating audible features into these devices. Whether it's the alarm function, notification alerts, or timer and stopwatch functions, the FBPT1407 buzzer ensures that digital watches provide accurate and reliable audible feedback to the wearer.


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