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Reliable Irregular Mechanical Buzzer Transducers

  • FBMMB2315P


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FBELE provides 400HZ3V mechanical buzzer and pin buzzer for direct sales, with excellent quality. We have inventory and will ship immediately. FBELE mechanical buzzer has a high impedance and narrowband sound device, usually made of piezoelectric ceramic sheets. A larger voltage is required to drive, but the current is very small, just a few mA is enough, and the power is also very small, with a frequency of 400Hz. The voltage is 1.2v 1.5v 3v 6v 9v 12v 24V. Widely used in computers, printers, insect and mouse repellents, etc

Structure and principle of mechanical buzzer

The mechanical buzzer utilizes the electromagnetic effect to repeatedly flow current through the coil, generating an alternating magnetic field, and adsorbing and releasing the vibrating plate, forming high-frequency vibration and generating sound. Specifically, after adding sufficient magnetic field to the vibrating plate, under the action of electromagnetic force, the vibrating plate will produce small displacement and form sound.


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Established in 1997, FBELE has been one of the best electronic components manufacturer and distributor in China, Our electronic components have been applied to various fields.

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