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Reliable Long Lifespan Ultrasonic Sensor For Flow Measurement

  • FBULS0808WC


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FBELE company has designed and manufactured many ultrasonic generators for the research and utilization of ultrasound. Overall, ultrasonic generators can be divided into two categories: one is generated electrically, and the other is generated mechanically. Electrical methods include piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, and electric types; There are mechanical methods such as Galton whistle, liquid whistle, and air vortex whistle. The frequency, power, and acoustic characteristics of the ultrasonic waves they generate vary, and therefore their uses are also different. At present, the most commonly used is a piezoelectric ultrasonic generator.

FBULS0808WC ultrasonic sensor

The piezoelectric ultrasonic generator actually works by utilizing the resonance of piezoelectric crystals. It has two piezoelectric chips and a resonant plate. When a pulse signal is applied to its two poles and its frequency is equal to the inherent oscillation frequency of the piezoelectric chip, the piezoelectric chip will resonate and drive the resonant plate to vibrate, generating ultrasonic waves. On the contrary, if no voltage is applied between the two poles, when the resonance plate receives ultrasonic waves, it will compress the vibration of the piezoelectric chip, converting mechanical energy into electrical signals, and then it becomes an ultrasonic receiver.


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