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Professional Bluetooth Micro Speaker For Mobile Phone

  • FBMR2004


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FBELE Company mainly develops and produces: receivers, speakers; Mainly used in mobile phone speakers, wearable speakers, tablet speakers, laptops and other products; Our own supply system includes voice coils, brackets, hardware, tooling molds, and plastic shell materials, which can better ensure quality, delivery time, and price guarantee

Micro speakers are ubiquitous in mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, wearable devices, gaming systems, and even IoT applications. Smartphones have pioneered the large-scale adoption of these micro speakers, which are similar to traditional speakers but are simpler and smaller in size. The dynamic speaker driver in today's traditional speakers has three basic components: diaphragm, voice coil, and magnet.

A diaphragm is a flat piece of paper, plastic, or metal. Deviation is the movement of the diaphragm that produces sound.

A "voice coil" is a very thin insulated wire coil used to manufacture a variable electromagnet when applying varying currents. The voice coil is attached to the diaphragm.

A magnet provides a static magnetic field, so the voice coil can push and pull it.

Micro speakers have the same three basic components as traditional speakers, but due to their size, their structure is much simpler. (Micro speakers are usually smaller than memory cards.

micro speaker

When the speaker diaphragm moves to produce sound, it will generate sound waves in front of it. However, it will also generate opposite phase sound waves later on. If the front wave is not separated from the back wave, they can cancel out. This is why the speaker driver is installed inside a box or casing; The shell ensures that the back wave does not cancel out the front wave. The actual size and shape of a box usually depend on the overall dimensions of the final product. The smaller the box, the lower the efficiency of the speaker system, which is due to the back pressure generated by the moving diaphragm pushing and pulling on the small amount of air in the box


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Established in 1997, FBELE has been one of the best electronic components manufacturer and distributor in China, Our electronic components have been applied to various fields.

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