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Compact Size Beveled Piezoelectric Discs Testing

  • FBPZT10X0.45F-5KHZ


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Can piezoelectric ceramics be permanently used?

No way. Piezoelectric ceramics are ceramics that can convert mechanical and electrical energy into each other, similar to the production process of ordinary ceramics, and are densely sintered at high temperatures. After the preparation of piezoelectric ceramics, polarization treatment needs to be carried out in a DC high-voltage power plant. After polarization treatment, the various electrical and physical properties obtained from piezoelectric ceramics are not permanent. Most common electronic igniters and lighters in daily life are made of piezoelectric ceramics

piezo ceramic element

Piezoelectric ceramics are ferroelectric materials, generally made of lead zirconate titanate, commonly known as PZT, which is a solid solution of strong dielectric lead titanate and anti strong dielectric lead zirconate. Piezoelectric ceramics are functional ceramic materials that can convert mechanical and electrical energy into each other, and belong to inorganic non-metallic materials. Good sintering performance, strong brittleness, and can be used for a long time if not broken. Piezoelectric ceramics have sensitive properties and can convert extremely weak mechanical vibrations into electrical signals, which can be used in sonar systems, weather detection, remote environmental protection, household appliances, and more.


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