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High Fidelity Transparent Mylar Speaker Security Systems

  • FBF21-1


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If the 40mm label earphone speakers are classified according to the way they are worn, they mainly include earplug type, in ear type, headworn type, and hanging ear type. Generally, it can be divided into three categories based on materials: dynamic coil type, dynamic iron type, and electrostatic type.

Single ear Bluetooth earphones are mostly wireless and compact, which can be worn directly on the ear. The main function of the 40mm mylar speaker is to answer and end calls, and can be adjusted to control the volume. Some models of single ear Bluetooth earphones also have technologies such as dual standby, dual microphone, and FBELE (also known as noise reduction, which can achieve a better call environment)


The diaphragm of the dynamic horn is considered a key component in the dynamic unit and is also a part of the manufacturer's promotion. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the diaphragm, the more air it can drive, which is very helpful for improving low-frequency. There are various types of diaphragm structures and materials, and more commonly, transparent materials similar to silicone are used. Established in 1997, FBELE is a high-tech electroacoustic technology enterprise that integrates product creativity, technological development, large-scale production, and independent marketing. The production and manufacturing industry of 40mm mylar speaker produced by FBELE company is gradually exploring technology, ensuring that the stability of each product reaches a very high quality


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