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Responsive Rectangular Piezo Ceramic Element Sonar

  • FT-41T-1.0A1


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The working principle of the buzzer is based on the piezoelectric effect. When an external electric field is applied, the piezoelectric crystal inside the buzzer will undergo deformation, which will lead to the occurrence of sound. In buzzer chips, piezoelectric oscillators are usually made of specific piezoelectric materials, such as ceramics or crystals, which can convert signals into force and generate sound waves.

piezo element

The loudness and frequency of the buzzer sound are related to its working voltage. Taking the FBELE brand as an example, generally speaking, the higher the working voltage, the higher the loudness and frequency of the sound. But at the same time, it is also important to pay attention to the limit voltage of the buzzer, as excessive voltage may damage the buzzer.

The buzzer is a piezoelectric device, while the buzzer is an electromagnetic device. This means that when producing sound, the buzzer vibrates through an electric current, while the buzzer vibrates the film through an electromagnetic coil to produce sound.

In addition, the loudness of the buzzer is greater than that of the buzzer, and its lifespan is also longer. At the same time, the sound of the buzzer may be softer, and its structure is also simpler and easier to drive.


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