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Cylindrical Circular Appliances Piezo Ring

  • FBPZT381265


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Ultrasonic welding machines can be divided into automatic welding machines, semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machines, and manual welding machines according to their automation level. The principle of ultrasonic plastic welding is that a generator generates high-voltage and high-frequency signals, which are converted into high-frequency mechanical vibrations through an energy conversion system and applied to the workpiece. The temperature transmitted to the interface increases through friction between the workpiece surface and molecules. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece interface quickly melts, and then fills the gaps between the interfaces. When the vibration stops, The workpiece is simultaneously cooled and shaped under a certain pressure to achieve high-quality welding.

Piezo rings are information functional ceramic materials that can convert mechanical and electrical energy into each other. In addition to piezoelectric properties, piezoelectric ceramics also have dielectric and elastic properties, and have been widely used in medical imaging, acoustic sensors, acoustic transducers, ultrasonic motors, and other fields. Piezoelectric ceramics use their materials to cause relative displacement of internal positive and negative charge centers under mechanical stress, leading to polarization and the appearance of opposite sign bound charges on the surfaces of both ends of the material, known as the piezoelectric effect, which has sensitive characteristics.The main function of piezoelectric ceramic rings is to generate ultrasonic waves at a specified frequency and provide sufficient power to perform welding operations.

As a factory of piezoelectric rings, FBELE offers various sizes of piezo ceramic rings, like 50*20*6 and 38*12*6.5, etc. With different materials PZT4 and PZT5, FBELE supports to customize according to customers’ requirements. Piezoelectric ceramic annular plates are ceramic materials with piezoelectric effects, which can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy or electrical energy into mechanical energy. Therefore, piezoelectric ceramic annular plates have wide applications in fields such as electronics, communication, medical, aerospace, and so on.

Piezoelectric ceramic annular plates are also widely used in the medical field. It can be used to manufacture medical devices such as piezoelectric ceramic ultrasound probes and piezoelectric ceramic therapeutic devices.


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