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Flexible Durable Exit Button For Emergency Exits

  • FBEB06


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Push to exit buttons are installed as part of an access control system, designed to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering a building or room whilst allowing users on the other side of the door to exit. These Exit Switches include a button on a wall mount plate with code compliant push switch signage "EXIT" or "PUSH TO EXIT".

The push to exit button is wired to the access control system that controls the door's locking mechanism. Anyone that needs to exit the building or pass through the door can simply push the button.

When pushed, it momentarily releases the fail-secure or fail-safe lock of the door. The exit button releases power to the magnetic lock. With this, the door automatically releases and allows free exit.

You can use either push to exit or motion sensors for securing doors that can’t be unlocked with a regular lock or deadbolt. These locks are locked permanently, and you can only get out if you trigger the exit sensor or the push to exit button.


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