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Reliable Metal Magnetic Contact Window

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The door magnetic switch is generally a part of the door magnetic system. The door magnetic system is a safety alarm system, divided into door magnetic and window magnetic (with the same principle but different shapes). Door magnets/window magnets are not easy to see if not paying too much attention. The so-called door magnet/window magnet is actually the abbreviation of the door magnet switch and window magnet switch, consisting of two parts: the smaller component is a permanent magnet, which has a permanent magnet inside to generate a constant magnetic field. The larger component is the door magnet body, which has a normally open reed tube inside. When the permanent magnet and the reed tube are close together (less than 5mm), the door magnet sensor is in a working and waiting state. When the permanent magnet leaves the reed tube for a certain distance, In a normally open state. Magnets and reed pipes are installed in the door frame (window frame) and door leaf (window leaf) respectively, and are basically embedded (also surface mounted), so industry professionals are generally not able to pay attention to these. You can open the split door and outer window, and take a look at the top of the split door frame and the window frame of the outer window. You can see circular, usually white components, which are actually called door magnets and window magnets.


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