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Efficient Wireless Magnetic Transducer For Medical Equipment

  • FBMT2512


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FBELE passive electromagnetic buzzers have the characteristics of being passive, energy-saving, and simple production process. They have excellent sound generation characteristics, can produce relatively strong sound, and have low frequency sound generation, stable tone, high reliability, and are not easily affected by environmental temperature changes and have the characteristics of long-term stable sound generation.

The working principle of a passive electromagnetic buzzer or magnetic transducer is that when the waveform of the input voltage changes, an electromagnetic magnetic field is generated, causing the sounding component to vibrate with different characteristics, forming a sound signal, thereby generating a low-frequency tone, achieving the function of passive electromagnetic buzzer sound.

Magnetic Transducer

Passive electromagnetic buzzers or magnetic transducer are commonly used in various electronic devices and consumer products, such as household appliances, public address systems, toys, experimental instruments, mobile phones, automotive electronic systems, medical equipment, etc. In addition, they can also be used to manufacture remote alarms and alarm systems, pharmaceutical bottling devices, as well as electronic alarm clocks, clocks, road signs, and train front desk.


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