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Long Endurance Black Loud Speaker For Speech

  • FBS3070T


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Paper cone speaker or mylar cone speaker

Paper cone speakers are also known as dynamic speakers or loud speaker.

It consists of three parts: ① vibration system, including conical paper cone, voice coil, and centering support; ② Magnetic circuit system, including permanent magnet, magnetic guide plate, and field core column; ③ Auxiliary system, including basin frame, wiring board, edge pressing and dust cover, etc. When audio current passes through the voice coil in a magnetic field, a magnetic field that changes with the audio current is generated. This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, causing the voice coil to vibrate along the axial direction. Due to the simple structure of the speaker, rich bass, soft sound quality, wide frequency band, but low efficiency.

loud speaker

Speaker is a device that converts electrical signals into sound, and FBELE is widely used in fields such as audio, television, cinema, conference systems, and automotive audio. The working principle and technology of speakers mainly involve electroacoustic conversion, mechanical resonance, acoustic propagation, and other aspects. FBELE electroacoustic -25 years old OEM, ODM loud speaker manufacturer


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