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Heavy Duty Door Contact Surface Screw Mount Normally Open Roller Magnetic Reed Switch Sensor

  • FBMC62


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A general intelligent access control system consists of three main parts: a magnetic door switch, a magnetic door sensor (detector), and a magnetic door alarm. Based on the intelligent bus and system platform, it realizes the integration of the visual doorbell system's doorstep machine and the management center, enabling visitors to talk back, leave messages, and The photo taking and "] ban functions can be connected to smart terminals. Other devices can also be equipped to achieve intelligent linkage, such as synchronous disarming alarms, activating corresponding lights or modes, etc. Next, we will explore the door magnetic sensor in smart homes.

Door magnetic sensors are divided into wired door magnetic sensors and wireless I door magnetic sensors. Wired magnetic sensors are more concealed for embedded installation, sensing the opening and closing of doors and windows. They are suitable for sending wired normally closed/normally open switch signals to wooden or aluminum alloy doors and windows. Mainly used to sense whether some entrances and exits have been illegally opened or moved.

The wireless door magnet is composed of two parts: a wireless transmission module and a magnet block, used to monitor the opening and closing status of the door. When the door is opened for any reason, the wireless door magnet sensor immediately emits a specific radio wave and sends an alarm to the host from a long distance. Wireless door magnetic sensors are generally installed above the inner side of i], and their wireless alarm signals can transmit 200 meters in open areas and 20 meters in general residential areas.

FBMC62 magetic contact

Most door magnets on the market output a closed signal when closed and an open signal when the door is opened. During real-time software monitoring, it is possible to observe whether the door is open or closed, and cooperate with the access control controller to enable unauthorized entry. You can see whether each door is currently open or closed. It can be used in conjunction with the prohibition controller to activate the alarm for illegal intrusion. The door magnetic sensor in the door magnetic system belongs to the home environment perception interaction layer, which can make home life more intelligent and safe.


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