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Durable Flexible Exit Button For Emergency Exits

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The access control system consists of a card reader, controller, electric lock, and door opening button. The selection involved is the electric lock and door opening button. What kind of electric lock is used? What kind of door opening button is used? Do you know how to choose? FBELE company experts interpret for you

The "exit button" or "door open button" used in this mode is a component of the access control device:

Classified by material: can be divided into plastic buttons and metal buttons. Plastic buttons are cheap, durable, and look less upscale than metal buttons. Metal buttons look high-end and have a longer lifespan than plastic buttons, but they can also be used for many years with a stronger touch.

According to size, it can be divided into 86 bottom box buttons (usually the power socket on the wall and the bottom box of the fluorescent light switch is the 86 bottom box) and small buttons (small buttons have many sizes and have a more beautiful appearance than the 86 bottom box buttons, but do not have the atmospheric and standard 86 bottom box buttons).

Exit Button

Exit Button Switch Selection suggestions from FBELE:

If it is a standardized weak current construction of a building, it is recommended to use the 86 bottom box button.

If the decoration pattern is high-end and luxurious, it is recommended to use metal buttons.

If the decoration style is based on the principle of practicality, simplicity, and low cost, it is recommended to use plastic buttons.

Some locations are not convenient for installing the 86 bottom box, and the installation space is relatively small, such as on a stainless steel door frame (if there is glass outside the door frame). It is recommended to install small buttons.


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