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Long Lifespan Surface Mounted Magnetic Contact Indoor

  • FBMC40B


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Door magnetic switch

A door magnetic proximity switch (i.e. a plastic sealed reed tube), also known as a door switch. Proximity switches and position sensors. Mainly used for automatic control. Position sensing, etc. Door magnetic switch is a widely used type of magnetic proximity switch.

It utilizes magnetism and can operate the closing of switches without the need for direct foundation, achieving corresponding control functions. When the controlled object approaches the sensing range of the switch, direct contact with the switch is not required to control the operation of the switch

And separating the switch and control end facilitates installation and remote control. The Xinwei magnetic proximity switch has stable performance. Accurate control, short response time, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and high-temperature resistance, suitable for communication

magnetic contact-1

DC environment.

The door switch should only be applied to hotel wardrobe doors. Wardrobe door sensing. The sensor is a proximity switch operated by magnetic field induction, which can be directly connected to an AC 220V power supply. Behind the switch, energy-saving lights, LED lights, spotlights, tungsten filament lights, etc. are directly loaded,

The door magnetic switch can also be applied to program-controlled switches. Copier. Washing machine. Refrigerators, cameras** Cupboards, door magnets, window magnets, electromagnetic relays, electronic scales, and liquid level gauges. Gas and water meters are intermediate equipment.


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