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Waterproof Flat Mylar Speaker Televisions

  • FBF27-1L


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Mylar speaker is a device that utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into sound energy. It consists of a thin film, with its periphery fixed on a circular frame, making the film a vibrating body. When an AC signal acts on a coil, the current generated inside the coil generates a magnetic field, which exerts a force on the permanent magnet, causing the vibrating body to vibrate and produce sound.

What are the advantages of Mylar speakers?

1. High sensitivity: The powerful conversion efficiency of the Mylar membrane horn gives it high sensitivity, which can quickly and accurately convert electrical signals into sound signals. At the same time, it also has high resolution and can convey subtle sound details.

2. No color spots: The vibration film of the Mylar membrane horn is very light and thin, which can vibrate without damping, so it will not generate sound harmonics and harmonic distortion, thereby eliminating the problem of sound color distortion caused by driving component harmonics.

3. High stability: Due to the lightweight and well fixed vibration film of the Mylar membrane horn on the frame, its mass distribution is relatively uniform and its vibration attenuation is small, making it highly stable during long-term use.

Although there are many types of Myra speakers, the actual selection of speakers needs to be considered based on the specific usage scenario. For example, a lightweight and miniaturized sound system that adapts to a Mylar membrane speaker will significantly reduce overall volume and weight; In some professional audio systems that require higher fidelity and better sound performance, more complex speaker systems may be required.


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