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Long Life Round Piezo Buzzer For Emergency Systems

  • FBPB4510


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Piezoelectric buzzer is a type of sounder that uses piezoelectric ceramics as an electroacoustic transducer. The core of this device is a transducer made of piezoelectric ceramic thin sheets attached to metal sheets, known as piezoelectric buzzers. The characteristics of piezoelectric buzzers such as no RF noise and low power consumption have made them highly valued and developed rapidly.


Taking FBPB4510 from FBELE as an example, the following are some common application scenarios for piezoelectric buzzers:

1. Household appliances

Piezoelectric buzzers are widely used in household appliances, such as televisions, hair dryers, washing machines, etc. In these products, piezoelectric buzzers are typically used to emit alarm sounds, start/end beeps, etc.

2. Automotive

In the field of automotive electronics, piezoelectric buzzers are also a widely used component. Common warning sounds in vehicles, such as the sound of reversing and turning signals, require the use of piezoelectric buzzers to generate them.

3. Electronic games

Piezoelectric buzzers are also commonly used in entertainment products such as electronic games and toys. The victory prompt sound in game consoles, the sound of game character injuries, etc. can be achieved through piezoelectric buzzers.


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