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Durable Externally Driven Magnetic Transducer For Tablet Pcs

  • FBMT9055


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magnetic transducer is a type of buzzer, different from piezoelectric buzzer. Electromagnetic transducer is an electronic sounder that uses the action of an electromagnetic coil on the buzzer to produce sound, and is used as a sounding device for electronic products.

Buzzers are divided into two categories: piezoelectric and electromagnetic: piezoelectric buzzers use the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics to drive the vibration of metal plates and produce sound; Electromagnetic buzzers use the principle of electromagnetism. When powered on, the metal vibrating film is sucked down, and when not powered on, it bounces back according to the elasticity of the vibrating film. Therefore, piezoelectric buzzers are driven by square waves, while electromagnetic buzzers are driven by 1/2 square waves. Piezoelectric buzzers require a relatively high voltage to have sufficient sound pressure, generally recommended to be above 9V. Some specifications of piezoelectric can reach over 120dB, while larger sizes can easily reach 100dB.

Electromagnetic buzzer: With 1.5V, it can emit a sound pressure of over 85dB, but the current consumption will be significantly higher than that of piezoelectric buzzers. However, at the same size, electromagnetic buzzers can have a relatively low response frequency; The sound pressure of electromagnetic buzzers is generally up to 90dB. Mechanical buzzers are a subcategory of electromagnetic buzzers.


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